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GMG Tech Engineering Ltd

GMG TECH is a group of several partners with various specialties united in a “permanent consortium” with the vocation to bring all the support necessary for every promoter.

Study and Topic Research of GMG Tech Engineering Ltd

Despite its young age, GMG TECH was created with a federator aim, has a considerable number of references starting with the founders of the group participators, or workers as well as the various members partners in the organization or consortium.


Study & Topic Research


1. Lake Ichkeul  




The aquaculture industry has suffered a setback in recent years. The study's objective is to make a diagnosis that allows finding possible solutions.

Carried out work:


- Ecological Analyzes o of the Lake Ichkeul

- Its current operation

- Problems

- Solution suggested and its interaction with fauna and the flora

- Action plan.


The lake Ichkeul is a zone highly protected, registered under UNESCO and RAMSAR.


2. Desalination


It is a bibliographical research, technical, economic and environmental impact on the various desalination processes.


3. Photovoltaic


Work concerns:


- Various dies and technologies and their applications,

- The principal actors: research industries and laboratories,

- Various research programs on an international scale

- Large existing power stations on a worldwide scale